Fall Prairies + Boho Love | Alberta Wedding Photography

Hey photography lovers!

So last year if you remember, I decided to do my first Alberta Stylized Wedding (Wild Romance) to inspire local brides with locations, venues, colours, and style. It was incredible and still some of my favourite images! Click the link above to visit that shoot!

This year, Events by Natalie Noel and I partnered up again to do a WHOLE different vibe… and guys- I am in LOVE. The colours and tones suited my style of photography to a tee. Natalie chose to go with a smokey and soft fall palette - and she killed it!!! Check out this unreal triangle setup she created and the FLORALS?? Come on!

Disclaimer- you HAVE to keep scrolling to view all the images! Photo overload!

 Custom built triangle ceremony setup + Florals by Natalie Noel.

Custom built triangle ceremony setup + Florals by Natalie Noel.

Natalie also came up with an unreal Boho Picnic area nearby filled with dusty pinks and smokey blues- I gave her complete freedom to do what her heart desired since I believe that’s when people do their best work. I was honestly at a loss for words when I arrived and saw her creations! Check out this picnic setup!


We are both a fan of unique simplicity and not overdoing anything- Natalie’s style truly correlates with mine and it’s AWESOME to have a working relationship with her! Personally, I love geometric shapes in my work and a lot of symmetry. Can you tell?


Before I go any further, I have to say that before this shoot happened I was hoping for a real couple to come along- one morning I checked my email and got a sweet message from Krista! I think it’s safe to say I totally lost my cool and got SO excited. I could tell right away they were the PERFECT fit for my work and this styled session!


Krista + John got married a month before this session at their home and wanted their formal pictures taken on another date- they love landscapes and wanted something different and unique. Basically- we were on the same page right from the start!

 Dress- BHLDN Hair- Salon 7

Dress- BHLDN
Hair- Salon 7

These two are hilarious, relaxed, and aren’t afraid to be themselves. I had a blast hanging out with them and we laughed a LOT. Plus- it’s no secret that these two are really attractive <3 Her unique wedding dress just added so much to these photos- Krista truly has great taste!


I remember driving out to the location and being worried it was going to storm… but the photo gods were with me! The wind died down soon after arriving and the light was SO soft and lovely! For those of you who don’t know, when it’s cloudy on a wedding day I do a lot of happy dances and squeals…. yes squeals….


After the ceremony setup we strolled over to the picnic area- we snacked and had some sips of wine thanks to Natalie! By the way, these two were just easy to photograph and SO natural in case any one is wondering :) Special props to Natalie for hanging all those pieces of fabric on that tree- I don’t even know how she made this happen!

Keep scrolling for some sweet moments!


After this point in the session, we wondered to a nearby spot to get that sunset glow! We also set up another triangle structure overlooking the river. Let’s just say it was worth it!


One of my favourite things about the couple? Instead of wedding rings they opted for tattoos on their fingers <3 So different and special!


And because I have a soft spot for fields, on the way home we pulled over and wondered into a gorgeous field! What a perfect ending to the most perfect experience!!! Feast your eyes on these folks!


If you googled “the perfect couple” a photo of these two should come up <3 They really are beautiful together. Thank you SO much Krista + John for making this a session to remember!

A BIG thank you one last time to Events by Natalie Noel- this wouldn’t have been possible without you! Shout out to Salon 7 for doing Krista’s hair and BHLDN for making such a lovely gown!

I hope you all have pretty photography dreams tonight! I followed my heart with how to approach shooting this- as always, I kept to my crisp, natural, and colourful style. I hope you guys love them as much as me!

With love,

Professional Photographers of Canada

A Wedding Full of Colour in the Heart of Southern Saskatchewan

In the heart of Southern Saskatchewan is where I captured Karissa + Jesse tying the knot- it was a colourful, bright, and emotional wedding in Ogema, SK to be exact and oh boy was it lovely! 

Omega is about a 5 hour drive from Medicine Hat so my husband and I drove down the day before and stayed in a town called Assiniboia. I drove the whole way there and that says a lot! It was a beautiful drive- I personally LOVE the green prairies and the beautiful landscapes we have in the country!

It clouded up the night before and that is always an awesome thing for photographers! It means soft light and no harsh shadows- especially during outdoor weddings! Right away I was super excited but right when I got to Burns Bed + Breakfast is where the real excitement began! 

The bride and her girls got ready in this amazing redone character home just off highway 13! Unique little nooks, staircases, and window light had be drooling right from the get go! Look at all these pretty details and getting ready moments <3

 Burns Bed + Breakfast

Burns Bed + Breakfast

 Dress- Sophia Tolli

Dress- Sophia Tolli

 Hair- Muse Salon

Hair- Muse Salon

 MUA- Jesyka Chelle Makeup

MUA- Jesyka Chelle Makeup

And now for getting that stunning dress on! This is always one of my favourite moments from the whole day <3 I get chills everytime and Karissa looks SO stunning! 


When Karissa finished dressing, she had to walk down a staircase to get her veil on. These images below are some of my favourite from the whole day- the way she held her shoes in her hands was everything... not to mention the gorgeous window light! Also, can you tell that I love black and white? 

 Just look at her!!!!

Just look at her!!!!

Meanwhile, Jesse was all calm, collected, and BEAMING with the guys getting ready! The anticipation at this point is always off the charts!


What happened next was one of my favourite parts of a wedding- the first look. Is it for everyone? No! But these two were MEANT for one! I just love how private first looks are and you get out all the nerves before the ceremony! I loved how these two let their emotions go like I wasn't there <3 


All the feels with these two! After giving them a moment together we started our adventures to get their formal photos! Obviously my other favourite portion of the day since I can totally be my creative self and get the vision out that is in my head! I had a lot of plans for these two (like every wedding) so I was SO darn excited for every shot!!! 

Karissa + Jesse are the kindest and most in love couple ever... they weren't shy in front of my camera at ALL and they were ALWAYS so connected with each other the whole day- even physically! I don't think they let go of each others hands once! Basically, I love these two! 

PS- the wedding party was hilarious and SO fun to work with! We laughed a lot and they put up with my crazy shenanigans! Keep scrolling down to see all the pretty joy!

 Train station in Ogema, SK!

Train station in Ogema, SK!

 Florals- Wascana Flower Shoppe

Florals- Wascana Flower Shoppe

 Oh the beautiful ladies!!!&nbsp;

Oh the beautiful ladies!!! 

 Florals- Wascana Flower Shoppe

Florals- Wascana Flower Shoppe


Sorry for the photo overload- but can you blame me??? After the formals we headed back to the farm for the ceremony! It was simple but so suited to the couple in every way <3  Also, check out the dog below that just wanted love the whole ceremony! I wanted to hug him (we all know my love for dogs) so my emotions were all over the place for a few minutes... 

One thing that I LOVED before the ceremony was how the bride and groom decided to announce for their guests not to take photos and just to be present. They also wanted to control what photos are posted to social media from their day- something I hugely respect and appreciate. Brides take note! <3

The bride is a former wedding coordinator so this wasn't her first rodeo! Their were SO many little things throughout their day I appreciated so much!

 All smiles!

All smiles!


Here she comes.... 

 Even though there was a first look, there is NOTHING like seeing your bride walk down that isle. It is still memorable and will still give the groom all those emotions!

Even though there was a first look, there is NOTHING like seeing your bride walk down that isle. It is still memorable and will still give the groom all those emotions!

 Can you see that beautiful tear slide down her cheek? This is where I got emotional myself!

Can you see that beautiful tear slide down her cheek? This is where I got emotional myself!


Now for yet another part in their day that I ADORED. This is the first time I photographed a private first dance- yup you heard me! You guys... I loved it! Seriously consider doing this if you are shy about dancing in front of your guests or if you just want it to be you two! 

We went back to the first look location and they blared music from their truck! It gave me chills.


And last but not least, the reception <3 Tastefully decorated and so very lovely! Take note of this too brides! Karissa decided to forgo the traditional bouquet toss and instead gave pieces of her bouquet to honour the love stories that have paved the way for theirs. The couple's mothers and grandmothers all got flowers and it was the most beautiful thing I have seen at a wedding in a long time! 

 All the feels!

All the feels!

 I had a flossing dance battle with this little girl and she showed me up!!!!&nbsp;

I had a flossing dance battle with this little girl and she showed me up!!!! 

 So much happiness in one room!

So much happiness in one room!


I am so thankful for couples like The Meads who trust my work and my vision to capture their story! Karissa + Jesse- congratulations!!! You two are such an amazing couple and I was so very honoured to be your photographer! Also thanks to Imagine Events for coordinating this amazing wedding!

To end this blog, I will say I decided to write this in order to showcase how my photography tells a wedding story <3 I am not one for blogging weddings but maybe I will blog more in the future! I am truly in awe of all my brides, couples, and those I get to meet because of my art and job!




Moments Full of Life- Featuring The Hittels

I'll say it- I do not call myself a "Newborn Photographer" and I probably never will. For me, it has never been just weddings, just grads, or just families; I love to shoot ALL the powerful moments in this world-  the ones that are so full of emotion, connection, and authenticity that I HAVE to tell the story. 

 *Keep scrolling to the very bottom to see more images! &lt;3&nbsp;

*Keep scrolling to the very bottom to see more images! <3 

I am so inspired by beautiful people, kind souls, and the little intricacies of life that I will never put myself in a box and call myself just a wedding photographer; rather, lets say I am a photographer that captures moments full of life.


I want to meet amazing clients that become friends and capture natural and powerful imagery for them to always look back on- the best thing when I get to capture ALL those big moments in life for clients. It seriously makes my heart SO happy!!!


This blog features the Hittels- I first met them when they got engaged! I captured their engagement photos, their wedding story, their maternity photos, and now their newborn photography. I love when I get to capture clients more than once because it is so comfortable, easy, and relaxed <3

With that said, I offer lifestyle newborn sessions that are very close to my heart and that really represent my style of photography. This aren't the typical newborn images... but I do it my way and the way I find it to be most beautiful! I capture them in a documentarian approach - meaning I don't overly manipulate spaces or my subjects. Interesting fact- the whole time I do not even position the baby myself  because I want to capture those in between moments of mom and dad interacting with their new bundle <3

Real moments in real settings (to me) will always mean the most down the road <3

Keep scrolling!!!  

With love, 

Professional Photographers of Canada


Medicine Hat- A Place Where Beautiful Ballerinas Wander

Dance is a beautiful thing and something that takes strength, commitment, and extreme athleticism (Don't believe me? Try some pirouettes, jumps, and standing en pointe for a minute folks!). Growing up dancing is honestly something I owe a lot of my success to now.

It taught me how strong I am both physically and mentally and that if I push myself- the possibilities are endless. Not only that, but I learned how being 110% dedicated to something can change your life. 

It taught me all about team work, respect, and communicating with others. I learned how to pay close attention to detail, and probably most importantly.... it taught me how to keep my chin held high and be proud of myself even when others (AKA- judges and peers) see it differently. I learned very early on that you cannot compare yourself to others but to just be better than yourself.

Anyways- enough about me! Medicine Hat and surrounding areas are FULL of amazing dance studios!!! It is my goal to support each and every one of them and their dancers! February 10 was about supporting all dancers no matter what studio they are from and coming together to create art.

It was very cool to meet these dancers since I was once in their shoes- I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them! Special thanks to all of these beautiful young ladies- they all had such a unique and beautiful spirit about them, and they are ALL talented. Holy smokes! 

Keep watch for my next dance sessions!!! <3

With love,


The Beautiful Brittney- 2016 Rodeo Queen <3

It's not everyday I get to photograph Medicine Hat Stampede Royalty! I knew Brittney and her mom back in the day through dance- it seems like a whole lifetime ago! I remembered how warm and kind their personalities were.. and when I pulled up to their property a few weeks ago I knew right away that didn't change!


Last year when I realized Brittney was the 2016 Rodeo Queen I couldn't believe it and I was SO proud of her. I remember watching the rodeo on a hot afternoon and bragging to the people around me- saying "I know her!". Hahaha......... seriously. 

Also- that dress she is wearing is seriously INCREDIBLE. When she walked out of her house I almost fell over... those cut outs are the most unique thing I have ever seen on Stampede Royalty! This girl has incredible taste!


The thing about Brittney is that she is a beautiful person on the inside AND the outside. She has a fire about her but a peacefulness at the same time. It's hard not to be drawn to her... and that smile of hers? It's worth a thousand words. A true heart of gold. 


I photographed these images for Brittney's application to become Miss Rodeo Canada 2018. I wish her all the luck in the world and I KNOW she will do amazing things. In a world that can be a sad place... she is the kind of person who is a light <3 

I will ALWAYS be a fan of this young woman. Keep scrolling to see a few more of my favourites!

Love, Schae


This One is for YOU Grads of 2017 - Thank You <3

Grad season is one of my FAVOURITE parts of being a photographer. I started my career focusing on grad photography and because of that, meeting these young people will always have a soft spot in my heart. While talking to one of my grads this year, I realized I graduated 7 years ago from Medicine Hat High School and almost fell over!!! WHAT? How does time fly so fast? 

My advice for any grads? Enjoy life. Never stress about what is to come. Just follow your heart and you will be where you are meant to be. My last 7 years I have taken a year off, gone through university, got married, became a home owner, and began my business. Yes- it is scary. Life is scary. But what scares you helps you grow. You will do amazing things... just be happy through the process of finding your way. Also- never feel bad about taking a year off. I needed that time to really know what I wanted to do and who I was!

All of my grads this year have been so kind, friendly, and hilarious! I genuinely have SO many favourites from every session- each person had such a unique personality and outlook on life that gave me a lot of inspiration. They were also all totally cool with my constant excitement and snorting when I laugh. Bonus! 

One of my beliefs that I operate on is giving each grad unique images, locations, and vibes to their photos. I never want to duplicate poses or the same photograph and it is my goal to make them feel their imagery is totally unique. It means a lot when grads follow me to what may seem like a weird spot for pictures... but when they see the finished product I always love their reactions! The best!

This grad season I got to shoot on acreages, fields, downtown, hidden alleys, awesome buildings, and even Elk Water. That means I was a very happy photographer and it's the BEST feeling when parents and grads trust me to choose locations!


I even got to shoot around a few horses- that means my happiness level seriously got out of control! I'm a huge animal lover and it's always SO magical for me to get to incorporate an animal! Side note- look how beautiful all of these gowns are!!! 

I also want to say how happy I was to get more male grads this year than last year. I'm very proud of the men stepping it up and getting their photos taken!!! Good on ya guys!

The whole point of this blog post was to thank each and EVERY graduate I photographed- I appreciate you for choosing me to photograph your special time. I know that it may be just pictures to you and your family, but to me... this is my whole life. Getting to capture art makes my heart so happy and I wouldn't be able to do it without you! THANK YOU!!! 

Patan, Brandi, Brennon, Fatima, Rinad, Payton, Skylar, Rhett, James, Hunter, and you awesome group of guys... thank you for filling my Grad Sessions this year. You were all PERFECT!!! Now go out there into the world and pursue your dreams! 

Love, Schae

PS: For grads of 2018! I take a limited amount of grads per year to focus 100% on each of you!!! I have redesigned my grad packages available for the 2018 season! E-mail me any time! It's never too early! 

10 Tips for Your Wedding Day in Alberta

Whenever I meet with couples or discuss their day with them, I realize how full of tips I am and that I actually have a lot to say about weddings! Because it's my job to observe the day and be with the bride and groom from morning until night, I notice and experience a lot of things!

Most couples ask me for some advice or information- so I thought I would share all my little tips for all brides out there! Even though I am based in Medicine Hat, AB this information should help brides everywhere! 

Well... here it goes!

#1. If possible, have hair and makeup teams come to the bride! 

Photographing the morning of weddings is definitely one of my favourite parts of the whole day! I have noticed with wedding parties that if your ceremony is in the early afternoon, everyone is WAY more relaxed and calm when hair and makeup is done where YOU are getting ready! There is more time for you to mingle with your bridesmaids, give out gifts, and just take in the moments before the ceremony!


#2. Give yourself lots of time in your schedule.

This relates to the morning while getting ready (things always take more time than what you think). But also, plan and give yourself a few hours in between the ceremony and your arrival at the reception! Even if you don't need all that time for photos in between, you can use it for a break! All the couples I have photographed always appreciate a bit of time to themselves. After all... it is one of the most amazing days of your life and everyone needs some time to breath and a break. Time moves so fast! 

When in doubt, run your schedule by your photographer or wedding planner- in many cases they have a good schedule of your day and when you should get into your dress, when you should leave for the ceremony, etc. 

#3. Relax, have fun, and let things be.

Your wedding day is here so that means its time to enjoy everything you planned for! If something happens that wasn't according to plan, you can't change it... so just EMBRACE it and enjoy it. The imperfections can sometimes be little funny things you will look back on and remember!

An example? Well.. my wedding day we got terrible winds, rain, and SNOW. At first I was worried- but then I just decided to have fun. By the reception, everyone was just super cozy together and having a blast. I wouldn't want to remember my day knowing I was upset about something out of my control! 

#4. Choose vendors who will be actively involved in your day carefully.

These vendors are DJs, photographers, videographers, etc. Ask them questions and get to know them! Why?

DJ's set the tone of your reception and I have seen awkward moments occur due to inexperience or other issues. Ask them questions and try to gauge how well they can read the crowd! 

Photographers (yes I am a photographer but I will be as objective as I can) are literally with you ALL DAY. Find someone you can be yourself with and have FUN with!  Also, choose the photographer you can TRUST. Professionals have back up equipment, lots of experience, and quality images! Remember- photos are the only thing you will take away from your day <3  

#5. Choose vendors that work well with OTHER vendors.

For instance, if a photographer does not work well with videographers or vice versa... that could suck! You spend lots of money on both vendors so you should make sure they are used to communicating with each other! I'll leave this one short and sweet! 

#6. For family photos after the ceremony, assign someone in your family as the "family photo gatherer". 

I came up with that awesome term myself! Why? Well even though my husband and I are pretty good and collecting the family and have a list for the shots, it's always a good idea to have a cousin guide certain family members to the designated spot after the ceremony.

Photographers don't know who your family are and most have it in their contracts that we aren't responsible for missing family members! This portion of your day will go like a breeze if you have a big family shot list!

#7. If you tend to get frazzled and stressed, hire a wedding coordinator!

They will literally make your day go by flawless. From making sure all decorations are in place, to making sure flowers have arrived, to making sure people are where they are supposed to be..... they will do it all. Enough said on that one!

#8. Don't get caught up in Pinterest.

The decorations and everything you picked out for the vision of your day is perfect and it is YOU. Now delete the Pinterest app. Right now!!! I can't even tell you how many brides will second guess their choices because of Pinterest! Believe in what you have done to reflect you as a couple. It will be amazing... and you picked the RIGHT dress. 

9. Be unique with locations if you have a tight budget.

Do you have any close friends or family with a farm or acreage? Locations that you have ties with means saving expenses and not as many house rules! Plus- it will be unique and be very personal... and you will get super awesome photos- I had to throw in that little side note... :) 

#10.  Take it all in and be WITH your new spouse. 

This one is a bit repetitive but I can't stress it enough. Every single wedding I shoot either bride or groom will say "wow that went fast". Trust me. Relax and enjoy everything around you. Before you walk down the isle, remember how you are feeling. At the reception, stand back on the sidelines and remember how happy your guests are in that moment and the happy dancing kids! Look into your husbands eyes several times throughout the day and be WITH one another. The majority of the day guests will come chat with you and you won't have that much time actually together!

So just remember to never stray too far from your new husband. Hold hands while talking to guests and moving through the crowd. Enjoy the experience together side by side <3 



Wild Romance Wedding Photography in the Alberta Prairies | Victorian Garden in the Heart of Southern Alberta

I've never been one to recreate what I see all over Pinterest and Instagram or to put it bluntly, what I see a million other photographers doing. When I approached several talented individuals with my ideas, we were all on the same page and wanted to showcase something different.

 Design + Decor- Events by Natalie Noel. Head wreath and bouquet by Fresh Flowers. Photography by Schae Photography.

Design + Decor- Events by Natalie Noel. Head wreath and bouquet by Fresh Flowers. Photography by Schae Photography.

We began brainstorming a style of wedding and details that we would love to see more of in Alberta... and everything just came together magically. I challenge brides to be unique. You don't have to do what everyone else is doing! 

The major inspiration I had for this shoot is to inspire brides to be creative with their venues. We are in Alberta and so many people I know have family that have acreages! There is so much possibility in those hidden gems to make weddings special to you... and the photography? Well I always go nuts with excitement in new locations! 

 Head wreath by Fresh Flowers.&nbsp;

Head wreath by Fresh Flowers. 

Another bonus? If you are able to have your wedding on an acreage or farm you can use the extra money saved towards amazing design and decorations! That leads me in to boasting about Natalie Noel- a local event decorator. She is simply incredible at what she does! She not only set up three extravagant set ups for this shoot, but the details she put into this cannot even be explained. She has such an eye for the little things - it gets me every time! Her work is a photographers dream! 

 Design + Decor- Events by Natalie Noel. Headwreath and Bouquet by Fresh Flowers.

Design + Decor- Events by Natalie Noel. Headwreath and Bouquet by Fresh Flowers.

Next on the boasting list is Brenda at Fresh Flowers. She is my number one florist in the city- I have gotten the privilege of photographing her work many times at many weddings. Basically, her florals never disappoint and I cannot figure out how someone can even do what she does! Seriously. I got to take the bouquet and head wreath home after this shoot and I kept staring in awe.  Brenda will do AMAZING things for your wedding!

 Florals by Fresh Flowers.

Florals by Fresh Flowers.

Next I have to talk about the models- yup. Aren't they ridiculously good looking? Chantelle Ball and Shawn Champagne blew me away! I never met Chantelle before the shoot but her modelling skills are obvious- she came to my house before the session and I knew right away I was going to have endless inspirations while shooting. Beautiful on the inside and out... I seriously didn't want to stop photographing her! 

 Model- Chantelle Ball.

Model- Chantelle Ball.

I met Shawn a few years ago through Medicine Hat Musical Theatre and I knew he would be perfect. His outgoing and friendly nature just made everything so fun! Honestly, I was scared it would get awkward between them because no, him and Chantelle do NOT know each other! But right away when Shawn started talking and making everyone laugh... I knew magic was going to happen through my lens!

 Model- Shawn Champagne.

Model- Shawn Champagne.

This shoot wouldn't have happened without the gown- I have been in love with Sweet Pea + Noelle Bridal Boutique for a year after I discovered them on Instagram. I approached them and they trusted me enough to ship me a dress they wanted to feature! I am SO very grateful! I encourage brides to go to Regina and pop in their store if you're wanting to travel to look at gowns! This dress is Amelie by Anais Annette!

 Gown- Amelie by Anais Annette.

Gown- Amelie by Anais Annette.

Hair is another crucial thing to any photo session. Michele Coen at Hair Confessionz did Chantelle's gorgeous do and it was SO DARN GOOD. Her talent with hair is something I will NEVER understand- she just gets it right every time. Seriously. I met her through theatre as well and she was the only person I wanted doing my hair! She is something else!!! 

 Design + Decor- Events by Natalie Noel. Hair by Michele Coen.

Design + Decor- Events by Natalie Noel. Hair by Michele Coen.

Next up is the one and only Makeup By Dakota! I cannot stress enough how important makeup is to any session! This talented young woman has such an eye for what she does and she makes ALL her subjects look so natural and never over done. I trust her with everything and all I did was send her a photo of the bouquet- she matched the tones to the makeup she used and I'm so thankful she knew what colours to use! If you're needing a makeup artist, check out Makeup By Dakota!

Lastly, I met the Ziegenhagel's many years ago- they have a beautiful acreage just outside of the city (Willowbend Equestrian) and they were kind enough to let me use their property for this shoot! I cannot express enough how thankful I am! The location added so much to this session- somewhere else wouldn't have been the same!

Once again, thank you everyone for your contributions. I feel like the luckiest photographer in the world to have such stunning images to share with the world. It's an amazing thing to work with people both skilled AND kind- I value positivity in everything I do and I am so happy others do as well!

Here's to amazing weddings and being unique. But mostly... to being you and straying from what is normal.

Love, Schae
More photos below!

Something that needs to be said regarding the photography industry.

So I was scrolling through Facebook mindlessly this past week and I happened to come across a few comments relating to photography prices- both from people from my city as well as a few other areas. 

The comments revolved around some photographers being overpriced and that her friend only charged "$80" or "$150" for 60 photos. Most of the time I would ignore it and keep scrolling by. 

However, today is the day I speak out about it. Yes, photography is everywhere- everyone has phones and standard DSLR cameras are becoming more affordable. Photography has become an easy field to do as a side job and a hobby... 

But what about those of us that are doing photography full time? Those of us that live and breathe with a camera in our hand trying to make a living? My prices may be more expensive... but what some people don't understand is what goes into my pricing and WHY I charge what I do. 

I have spent years saving for expensive equipment and learning to get to the skill level I'm currently at. I have aimed to be a reliable and quality photographer, and unfortunately... prices reflect quality. My pricing is based on my shooting time, editing time, my gas to get to locations, my advertising costs, my equipment costs, taxes, many other costs to maintain my business... and to actually pay myself- which comes last!

I quickly did the math. If I charged $150 for even 50 photos and took into account all my costs and time involved with each client, I would be making LESS than $6.00 per hour (often times less if for some reason editing took longer than usual). How is that right when minimum wage is pretty much double that? We don't throw a pricing number out of nowhere just to make money- we charge what we do because we HAVE to in order to sustain ourselves. 

What is my goal for this blog post? To educate those that think professional photographers are overpriced... and to remember there is a reason why we charge what we do. Do I have a problem with someone going with a cheaper photographer who is just starting out? No and never. I support people beginning the photography adventure- I was there once!

I guess I just want people to understand the full time world of photography. It's already challenging operating our own business, being told photography "isn't really a job", sometimes being undervalued as a photographer, and on top of it being criticized for pricing. 

Did I mention how difficult it was for me to get a reasonable interest rate to finance my new vehicle because being "a photographer and an entrepreneur doesn't look that good to a bank?." I was even told that after proving my success after only two years in business! To put it bluntly, it sucks. When will it end for us creative souls to prove ourselves?

It's not just about a person with a camera- it's about us being artists. We have skill and know the science behind manual settings, light, and many other areas. Years from now it will be our photos you will look through that will bring smiles to your face and joy in your hearts. In the long run? It's priceless.

Support local photographers 💕




The Way I See the World

Sitting in my home on a cozy evening and just watched a talk done by an world renowned photographer. Something he said made me keep thinking.. Which led me to ponder who I am as a person. 

I've always been creative. I've always been amazed by the world. I've always seen things as miracles. I guess you could say I still see things as a child sometimes- and I never want to lose that. 

Here's an example- So many people around me see Christmas decorations in stores this early as a terrible thing.. But I still run to the Christmas trees and lights like a kid. Why? Because after 20 years it's still magical and a miracle to me. I'm blown away by Christmas and that is rooted deep down in my soul. I never want to lose that. 

Every deer or bunny I see I'm completely transfixed and amazed.. It could be the three hundredth I've seen but I can watch that single one forever. 

So many other examples I have but the point is this: To those of you reading look at the world like you once did as a child. Everything will be more amazing... More beautiful... And could seem like miracles.

I've realized this about myself tonight. The moment I stop being this way could be the moment I lose my creativity... My desire to create art... My desire to take photographs... My desire to showcase moments and special things. So with that said, I will always be that girl who will run to the Christmas lights no matter what time of year... And no matter what age.