The Way I See the World

Sitting in my home on a cozy evening and just watched a talk done by an world renowned photographer. Something he said made me keep thinking.. Which led me to ponder who I am as a person. 

I've always been creative. I've always been amazed by the world. I've always seen things as miracles. I guess you could say I still see things as a child sometimes- and I never want to lose that. 

Here's an example- So many people around me see Christmas decorations in stores this early as a terrible thing.. But I still run to the Christmas trees and lights like a kid. Why? Because after 20 years it's still magical and a miracle to me. I'm blown away by Christmas and that is rooted deep down in my soul. I never want to lose that. 

Every deer or bunny I see I'm completely transfixed and amazed.. It could be the three hundredth I've seen but I can watch that single one forever. 

So many other examples I have but the point is this: To those of you reading look at the world like you once did as a child. Everything will be more amazing... More beautiful... And could seem like miracles.

I've realized this about myself tonight. The moment I stop being this way could be the moment I lose my creativity... My desire to create art... My desire to take photographs... My desire to showcase moments and special things. So with that said, I will always be that girl who will run to the Christmas lights no matter what time of year... And no matter what age. 



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