The girl behind the camera.

Hey everyone! So as my first real blog post, I decided that a good way to start is to introduce myself to all my amazing followers! I am Schae Lloyd, and I guess there are a few things to know about what makes me.... me. 

The big things are obvious- I'm a photographer who loves taking photos and making art... but I also just graduated from university and am now ready to pursue the life of a full time photographer. Even though these big things are important, I believe its the small things that truly make up a person. Therefore, I want to share with everyone who exactly "that photographer girl" is.

First of all, I grew up in the world of the arts and focused hard on my schooling- I never had a huge amount of friends. Because of that, I spent most of my time dancing, reading books, and watching movies. Perhaps this is what drove me to pick up a camera and immerse myself in digital photography. I won't lie when I say that I am such a movie person that most of my free time revolves around going to the movie theatre or watching every movie imaginable on Netflix or TV (everyone should go to Mad Max by the way!). 

Smaller things about me are that I am usually very outgoing and bubbly- however I can become more shy around big groups of people. I am also very emotionally sensitive and fragile- even though it can be frustrating to be this way, I find that it fuels my drive to keep creating. 

I love animals to death- more specifically I have a strange fascination with deer and my heart leaps whenever I see any in the city. Dogs are my other love... my two yorkies keep me smiling everyday (even when they get mud all over the house after hiding bones from each other).

Another huge part of me is my man Stephen- he truly is my other half and keeps me strong. I am very thankful I found him and have such an awesome best friend :) PS- he is a paramedic so I do worry lots about the incidents he has to witness!

Regarding cooking, lets say thats a problem area. I have no interest in cooking but am trying to learn... I'll let you know in a year how that one turns out...

Little things only people who spend lots of time with me will know:

  • I am addicted to the Bachelor & the Bachelorette
  • Lately I've been watching the Food Network even though I don't cook
  • I am a perfectionist and am always working to improve
  • I work out and just started lifting weights thanks to Stephen...
  • I quote movie lines
  • If I could eat popcorn and pasta everyday... I would

    For all of you that actually read this post about me thank you!! I look forward to getting to know all of you on any future photo sessions! :) Expect some more blog posts to come your way!

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