Why anyone with a passion should consider taking business.

As I graduated high school, I had no idea what I wanted to take at college- I knew I wanted to go but I also was so interested in different things that I was torn. Not only did I have a strong love for dance, but I also loved the digital world of photography and graphic design. I remember wondering- "Should I go out there and pursue dance?" or "Should I stay in Medicine Hat where my heart is and pursue another interest?". I decided on the latter but eventually could not decide between taking the Visual Arts program at the college or Business. 

Ultimately, I realized that I didn't have to decide and that everything happens how it is supposed to. My gut told me that business was the right decision- right after my first day of classes I knew it was right for me. About a month into my first semester, once of my instructors validated this decision by telling me "With business, you can pair it with any passion you have." I remember throwing around business ideas to pair with the world of dance- but photography was always in the back of my mind. 

During the 4 years of my Business Degree I changed as a person- I became stronger and very confident and I learned how to really communicate and network with people. Not only was I thrown into real community projects, but I learned how to become a leader in teams and how to handle situations professionally. 

For people wondering about the Business Program specifically at MHC, let me tell you it was life changing. Of course there were tons of courses where I learned specific things about marketing, accounting, finance, management, and communications, but I can honestly say I learned so much about the world in general. Some specific things I did as a business student that really stood out to me included: 

  • Developing a marketing plan for the Medicine Hat Drag Race Association
  • Creating an Advertising Campaign of 3rd Street Market
  • Creating a detailed business plan for The Red Brick Brewery
  • Touring companies such as Meggitt, Good Year, and Moduline and making operations reports
  • Assisting the local Food Bank with creative business ideas and strategies
  • Running and operating an airline company (via simulation)  

 During every class I somehow was able to tie in what I learned to my future photography business. From learning how to diversify among competition, finding a competitive advantage, marketing techniques, etc, I can honestly say that learning these things has benefited me greatly.

Every so often I do get asked if I took photography in college and when I tell them I took business they sometimes get confused. However, I continuously educate myself among forums, workshops, and online communities in order to keep learning photography wise. In addition, I am working to become an Accredited Professional and am proud to say I am self taught. Business served as the building blocks of a successful and proffessional photography business- something that is very important to me. 

When I picture myself 4 years ago, I know I have become a better version of myself. I used to be a girl that had a dream to be successful but I never knew how to get there. However, I am extremely thankful for this amazing business program at the college and the wonderful instructors- I figured out how to make my dream happen because of it and I have never been so confident in myself and my goals.

 If anyone has any questions about the Business Program contact me and I will offer anything I can! It has changed my life and I know it will change other people's lives as well!

Schae Lloyd2 Comments