This One is for YOU Grads of 2017 - Thank You <3

Grad season is one of my FAVOURITE parts of being a photographer. I started my career focusing on grad photography and because of that, meeting these young people will always have a soft spot in my heart. While talking to one of my grads this year, I realized I graduated 7 years ago from Medicine Hat High School and almost fell over!!! WHAT? How does time fly so fast? 

My advice for any grads? Enjoy life. Never stress about what is to come. Just follow your heart and you will be where you are meant to be. My last 7 years I have taken a year off, gone through university, got married, became a home owner, and began my business. Yes- it is scary. Life is scary. But what scares you helps you grow. You will do amazing things... just be happy through the process of finding your way. Also- never feel bad about taking a year off. I needed that time to really know what I wanted to do and who I was!

All of my grads this year have been so kind, friendly, and hilarious! I genuinely have SO many favourites from every session- each person had such a unique personality and outlook on life that gave me a lot of inspiration. They were also all totally cool with my constant excitement and snorting when I laugh. Bonus! 

One of my beliefs that I operate on is giving each grad unique images, locations, and vibes to their photos. I never want to duplicate poses or the same photograph and it is my goal to make them feel their imagery is totally unique. It means a lot when grads follow me to what may seem like a weird spot for pictures... but when they see the finished product I always love their reactions! The best!

This grad season I got to shoot on acreages, fields, downtown, hidden alleys, awesome buildings, and even Elk Water. That means I was a very happy photographer and it's the BEST feeling when parents and grads trust me to choose locations!


I even got to shoot around a few horses- that means my happiness level seriously got out of control! I'm a huge animal lover and it's always SO magical for me to get to incorporate an animal! Side note- look how beautiful all of these gowns are!!! 

I also want to say how happy I was to get more male grads this year than last year. I'm very proud of the men stepping it up and getting their photos taken!!! Good on ya guys!

The whole point of this blog post was to thank each and EVERY graduate I photographed- I appreciate you for choosing me to photograph your special time. I know that it may be just pictures to you and your family, but to me... this is my whole life. Getting to capture art makes my heart so happy and I wouldn't be able to do it without you! THANK YOU!!! 

Patan, Brandi, Brennon, Fatima, Rinad, Payton, Skylar, Rhett, James, Hunter, and you awesome group of guys... thank you for filling my Grad Sessions this year. You were all PERFECT!!! Now go out there into the world and pursue your dreams! 

Love, Schae

PS: For grads of 2018! I take a limited amount of grads per year to focus 100% on each of you!!! I have redesigned my grad packages available for the 2018 season! E-mail me any time! It's never too early!