Medicine Hat- A Place Where Beautiful Ballerinas Wander

Dance is a beautiful thing and something that takes strength, commitment, and extreme athleticism (Don't believe me? Try some pirouettes, jumps, and standing en pointe for a minute folks!). Growing up dancing is honestly something I owe a lot of my success to now.

It taught me how strong I am both physically and mentally and that if I push myself- the possibilities are endless. Not only that, but I learned how being 110% dedicated to something can change your life. 

It taught me all about team work, respect, and communicating with others. I learned how to pay close attention to detail, and probably most importantly.... it taught me how to keep my chin held high and be proud of myself even when others (AKA- judges and peers) see it differently. I learned very early on that you cannot compare yourself to others but to just be better than yourself.

Anyways- enough about me! Medicine Hat and surrounding areas are FULL of amazing dance studios!!! It is my goal to support each and every one of them and their dancers! February 10 was about supporting all dancers no matter what studio they are from and coming together to create art.

It was very cool to meet these dancers since I was once in their shoes- I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them! Special thanks to all of these beautiful young ladies- they all had such a unique and beautiful spirit about them, and they are ALL talented. Holy smokes! 

Keep watch for my next dance sessions!!! <3

With love,