A Wedding Full of Colour in the Heart of Southern Saskatchewan

In the heart of Southern Saskatchewan is where I captured Karissa + Jesse tying the knot- it was a colourful, bright, and emotional wedding in Ogema, SK to be exact and oh boy was it lovely! 

Omega is about a 5 hour drive from Medicine Hat so my husband and I drove down the day before and stayed in a town called Assiniboia. I drove the whole way there and that says a lot! It was a beautiful drive- I personally LOVE the green prairies and the beautiful landscapes we have in the country!

It clouded up the night before and that is always an awesome thing for photographers! It means soft light and no harsh shadows- especially during outdoor weddings! Right away I was super excited but right when I got to Burns Bed + Breakfast is where the real excitement began! 

The bride and her girls got ready in this amazing redone character home just off highway 13! Unique little nooks, staircases, and window light had be drooling right from the get go! Look at all these pretty details and getting ready moments <3

Burns Bed + Breakfast

Burns Bed + Breakfast

Dress- Sophia Tolli

Dress- Sophia Tolli

Hair- Muse Salon

Hair- Muse Salon

MUA- Jesyka Chelle Makeup

MUA- Jesyka Chelle Makeup

And now for getting that stunning dress on! This is always one of my favourite moments from the whole day <3 I get chills everytime and Karissa looks SO stunning! 


When Karissa finished dressing, she had to walk down a staircase to get her veil on. These images below are some of my favourite from the whole day- the way she held her shoes in her hands was everything... not to mention the gorgeous window light! Also, can you tell that I love black and white? 

Just look at her!!!!

Just look at her!!!!

Meanwhile, Jesse was all calm, collected, and BEAMING with the guys getting ready! The anticipation at this point is always off the charts!


What happened next was one of my favourite parts of a wedding- the first look. Is it for everyone? No! But these two were MEANT for one! I just love how private first looks are and you get out all the nerves before the ceremony! I loved how these two let their emotions go like I wasn't there <3 


All the feels with these two! After giving them a moment together we started our adventures to get their formal photos! Obviously my other favourite portion of the day since I can totally be my creative self and get the vision out that is in my head! I had a lot of plans for these two (like every wedding) so I was SO darn excited for every shot!!! 

Karissa + Jesse are the kindest and most in love couple ever... they weren't shy in front of my camera at ALL and they were ALWAYS so connected with each other the whole day- even physically! I don't think they let go of each others hands once! Basically, I love these two! 

PS- the wedding party was hilarious and SO fun to work with! We laughed a lot and they put up with my crazy shenanigans! Keep scrolling down to see all the pretty joy!

Train station in Ogema, SK!

Train station in Ogema, SK!

Florals- Wascana Flower Shoppe

Florals- Wascana Flower Shoppe

Oh the beautiful ladies!!!&nbsp;

Oh the beautiful ladies!!! 

Florals- Wascana Flower Shoppe

Florals- Wascana Flower Shoppe


Sorry for the photo overload- but can you blame me??? After the formals we headed back to the farm for the ceremony! It was simple but so suited to the couple in every way <3  Also, check out the dog below that just wanted love the whole ceremony! I wanted to hug him (we all know my love for dogs) so my emotions were all over the place for a few minutes... 

One thing that I LOVED before the ceremony was how the bride and groom decided to announce for their guests not to take photos and just to be present. They also wanted to control what photos are posted to social media from their day- something I hugely respect and appreciate. Brides take note! <3

The bride is a former wedding coordinator so this wasn't her first rodeo! Their were SO many little things throughout their day I appreciated so much!

All smiles!

All smiles!


Here she comes.... 

Even though there was a first look, there is NOTHING like seeing your bride walk down that isle. It is still memorable and will still give the groom all those emotions!

Even though there was a first look, there is NOTHING like seeing your bride walk down that isle. It is still memorable and will still give the groom all those emotions!

Can you see that beautiful tear slide down her cheek? This is where I got emotional myself!

Can you see that beautiful tear slide down her cheek? This is where I got emotional myself!


Now for yet another part in their day that I ADORED. This is the first time I photographed a private first dance- yup you heard me! You guys... I loved it! Seriously consider doing this if you are shy about dancing in front of your guests or if you just want it to be you two! 

We went back to the first look location and they blared music from their truck! It gave me chills.


And last but not least, the reception <3 Tastefully decorated and so very lovely! Take note of this too brides! Karissa decided to forgo the traditional bouquet toss and instead gave pieces of her bouquet to honour the love stories that have paved the way for theirs. The couple's mothers and grandmothers all got flowers and it was the most beautiful thing I have seen at a wedding in a long time! 

All the feels!

All the feels!

I had a flossing dance battle with this little girl and she showed me up!!!!&nbsp;

I had a flossing dance battle with this little girl and she showed me up!!!! 

So much happiness in one room!

So much happiness in one room!


I am so thankful for couples like The Meads who trust my work and my vision to capture their story! Karissa + Jesse- congratulations!!! You two are such an amazing couple and I was so very honoured to be your photographer! Also thanks to Imagine Events for coordinating this amazing wedding!

To end this blog, I will say I decided to write this in order to showcase how my photography tells a wedding story <3 I am not one for blogging weddings but maybe I will blog more in the future! I am truly in awe of all my brides, couples, and those I get to meet because of my art and job!




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