Before saving a Photographer's image to use for your Brand + Social Media... Read this!

Before I post my next wedding I wanted to write this post to spread awareness and hopefully make a difference regarding businesses using photographers work πŸ™ŒπŸ»

A few photographers and I are banding together to make a stand regarding vendors using our images for free on social media/marketing and how that needs to change. We need to remember that photography is our hard work, livelihood, and art. Therefore, any vendors wanting images for their marketing should be purchasing the rights to the images. It totally makes sense to do this I promise- if you disagree, keep reading and maybe I can persuade you :) Before you comment anything to defend new photographers or those starting out, I get it... but this is for me and fellow full time photographers that need to support our businesses and livelihood πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜Š

First of all, we know businesses have the best intentions and it's how the industry has been shaped over time that is to blame-  the right ways to approach things have been blurred for everyone… even for photographers!😰

It is important to remember that I am in contract with my paying clients only. They are allowed to utilize the images in ways I allowed them to do and going forward no businesses will gain access to their galleries to protect their privacy and investment with me. I also want people to remember that most companies pay for professional photography from their advertising budget- however, it is sad that the wedding industry especially is getting worse with vendors expecting images of decor, florals, hair shots, makeup images, etc for no compensation πŸ₯Ί

I admit it- I used to be lenient and less strict about this matter until I realized when vendors save our images online and use it on their feeds, I get nothing in return even though you "tag" me or "credit" me. I put in the work last year and realized that 100% of my clients find me through my own website, social media, and referrals- not any tags. Because of that I personally need to protect my work going forward and hopefully other photographers will as weIl. If our professional photography makes your feed look more professional and gains you business and income, what did we get? 🧐

If this seems unreasonable to anyone out there, also remember this. Every shoot involves professional photographers spending time planning the shoot, scoping locations, prepping equipment, time shooting, hours editing, gas money, depreciation on equipment, plus the value of the actual images. It's so easy for people just to save an image online if it looks good for your brand... but I hope this post makes people think a bit differently about it and inspires them to support and compensate photographersπŸ€—

With all this said, I am more than happy to talk with businesses and vendors about purchasing the rights to any images. I just want to protect my business (especially with little Junebug in the picture now) and inspire others to do the same to positively influence the industry and photographers! 

***Also, this does not mean I do not support local! I will always tag businesses who contributed and be amazed by their talents. We just genuinely need to support local and support them by compensation when it is due! We have families to support and trust me, photography is SUPER valuable for marketing. Paying for it is worth it!πŸ‘πŸ»

Here's to making a stand and being happy!πŸ€“

With love, 

Schae, B.B.A | Professional Photographers of Canada | Accredited | Click Pro