Over the last few years I lost count of the times I thought to myself that I wish there was way more colour in weddings these days! As much as I love the neutral flowers, greenery, or the popular colours and themes, part of me wanted to show what a LOT of colour can do!

Brides- don't be scared of it. I promise you the results can truly be incredible and unique to you and your day. The images below are very much a monochromatic style- a lot of pink on pink. I have to say though, it's one of my favourite shoots I've ever done!

If you're getting your inspiration from Pinterest, I challenge you to put the app down and try to imagine what YOU would truly love. A good idea is to even talk to your photographer about what kind of colours they love to work with and what tones work best with their editing. A lot of photographers have a really amazing creative vision and can help you big time! For me, I love greens, pinks, corals, yellows, and oranges. Colour has always been important to me and my style and to be honest, this wedding shoot has been a dream of mine.

This whole vibe started with seeing a couch from Sewline Upholstery and right away I had this vision in my head: a minimal, modern, but fun and vibrate set of images to inspire brides. An AMAZING long list of vendors were willing to help me out and it's truly an incredible thing when businesses work together to create such a beautiful work of art.

Special thanks to Weatherwood Events for helping me create the set up- her vision perfectly aligned with mine and I'm so happy she was involved! To Heritage Events- thank you for allowing me to use your ballroom for the big set up! The White Room- thank you for allowing me to use your gowns. Did you know they carry VELVET bridesmaid dresses? Scroll down to see the beautiful yellow gown!

Sweet Stems- your flowers still have me falling over from how stunning they were. To Kaitie Jalbert and Brady Layne, your makeup was perfection. Bratt Pak- the hair was exactly as I pictured it. To the Sweetness Bakeshop- your CAKE was the most beautiful creation! A complete list of vendors is below!

Special thanks to Gaby, Kat, and Josh for being stellar models!

Weatherwood Events- Decor, Draping, Table Set Ups

Sewline Upholstery- Couch and Chairs

Heritage Events- Location

Sweet Stems- Flowers

The White Room (tulle gown + bridesmaid gown) + The Bridal Boutique

The Sweetness Bakeshop- Cake

Dawn + Dusk Clay Co- Earrings

Kaitie Jalbert + Brady Layne- Makeup

Bratt Pak (Brianna + Taylor)- Hair

Grand Rental Station