Welcome to the Schae Shed

This is my own studio space in my backyard - we built it with natural light in mind for my photography and it's truly dreamy! This is a space where I will take simple, fresh, and minimal portraits. It's open to individuals, maternity, mother/daughter portraits, business portraits, and product photography. Mentor sessions are also available in this space for those who want to up their photography game!

Schae Shed Portraits

Individuals- $575 + GST. Children ALWAYS welcome!

2-3 people such as mother/daughter or couples- $675 + GST.

"Grow With Me" Package- $875 + GST. Portraits of your little one at 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months! This was my favourite period of my daughter and capturing this fleeting time is so special!


My mentor sessions are open to those who already have experience with photography and want to better their craft and business. All mentor sessions include a PDF of information. It's so important to invest in your business and I'm so happy to help!

Package 1- $300 + GST. A one hour chat where you can ask me anything! I'm an open book. Feel free to bring your camera or laptop if you need help editing. For an extra hour- $100/hr.

Package 2 - $500 + GST. A 3-4 hour extravaganza where we will meet at the shed and chat about any initial questions, then take photos of a model so you can see how I shoot and things I look for.

Product Photography

I love my local community! If you have a product or products you want photos of, just message me! I will have a drop off box for you and when I'm done, you can pick up your products! Quality photography to showcase your items is so valuable.

10 products- $195 + GST

1 product- $95 + GST